Do You Manually Nurture ‘New Listing’ Leads?

September 12, 2016 in SMS by Justin Cardillo

How to Automate Real Estate Lead Nurturing

real estate sms marketingIntroducing ‘SMS Marketing Automation‘ into any Real Estate practice represents the cheapest and most time-efficient method of customer communication.

SMS Marketing Automation – sometimes referred to as robot marketing by industry insiders – is a term used to define the pre-scheduling of SMS marketing messages, for automated release, based on a trigger event or activity.

It relies on leveraging SMS technology such as Intelli Messaging Services SMS gateway.

Marketing Automation for Real Estate Practices

SMS Marketing Automation enables real estate agents to better serve potential clients and free up more of their time.

There are two core use cases available with automated SMS marketing communications:

1. Automating the sending of SMS marketing communications

This allows Real Estate practices to schedule the sending of SMS reminders in advance.

  • EXAMPLE 1: Sales agents can schedule on Friday afternoon a text message to be delivered on a Saturday morning, reminding clients of an open house or an auction time for example.
  • EXAMPLE 2: Property managers can pre-schedule SMS reminders of rent due dates to ensure payments are prompt and timely.

2. Automating the SMS replies to an inbound SMS communication

Automating an SMS reply to one of IntelliSMS’s ‘virtual SMS numbers’, allows Real Estate practices to automatically reply to an inbound SMS enquiry at any time of the day.

sms marketing automation for real estate

Right Message to the Right Person at the Right Time

This form of automated SMS communication is proving to be a big hit amongst real estate Sales Agents.

It allows them to send information back to a potential buyer (based on an inbound SMS enquiry) at any time of day and gives the impression the agent is a modern agent with a strong work ethic.

What the Sales Agent is doing for the potential buyer is delivering the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

SMS marketing automation is a must for all real estate practices as it enables various administrative and sales processes to be conducted more efficiently.

It and frees up an agent’s time to do what they do best: list and sell property.

The Best SMS Marketing Automation Strategies for Real Estate

If you want to discuss how to grow your Real Estate marketing practice using SMS Marketing Automation strategies, then speak to the Real Estate industries leader in SMS consulting – Justin Cardillo.

To discuss how SMS Marketing Automation can improve your Real Estate practice, please contact me – Justin Cardillo – on 0468 884 606 or

Justin Cardillo

Justin Cardillo – Real Estate’s Leading SMS Expert

Nine Facts Every Business Leader Should Know

September 9, 2016 in SMS by Justin Cardillo

Justin CardilloNine SMS Facts That Could Change Your Business

SMS is such a critical communication tool for all manner of businesses, that CEO’s and Leaders within business whom are reluctant to embrace the SMS Messaging medium, could get left behind.

A report commissioned by Oxygen8, the 2016 Telco Industry Report revealed the following facts regarding peoples behaviour and attitudes towards the SMS medium.

Nine Important Facts About SMS

  1.  Open Rate of SMS messages 98% (compared to 22% for emails)
  2.  SMS messages read within first 3 minutes 90%
  3.  Average response time for a SMS = 90 secs
  4.  People who purchase as a result of an SMS 64%
  5.  People who prefer SMS over App’s 81%
  6.  Apps that are only used once 99%mobile searches
  7.  68% of people check their smartphone once an hour
  8.  50.3% of all e-commerce comes from smartphones
  9.  Consumers who think businesses should send more SMS 64%

Five Not-So-Important Facts About SMS

  1.  5.1 billion people own a mobile phone v 4.2 Billion that own a toothbrush
  2.  15 % of people interrupted sex to read an SMS
  3.  40% of people read and send SMS on the toilet
  4.  64 % of people sleep with their mobiles
  5.  120million i-phones sold in 2012 (more than the weight of the Eiffel tower)

Understanding the potential of SMS to communicate the value you create for customers and clients inside your business may be the competitive advantage needed to get ahead.

The Facts Tell The Story

As you can see, the impact SMS messaging has on behaviour is compelling.  Just imaging how the level of influence SMS delivers, could be use to your businesses advantage.

Justin Cardillo

If  you want to know more about the various ways we use SMS for our clients businesses, then give me – Justin Cardillo – a call on 1300 015 013 at our Melbourne office or email me at

Know The Risks

If you are considering SMS, understand the risks before you take the plunge.

To help you,  we’ve created a free report titled ‘The Seven Pitfalls to Avoid Before Implementing SMS‘.

Get your copy here or click the image.


SMS Risk Mitigation

SMS Marketing Cut Through Clutter

September 5, 2016 in SMS by Justin Cardillo

Increase Customer Communication Cut Through Rates

Justin CardilloOne of the most powerful yet understated characteristics of SMS communication is in its silence.

By this, I refer to the ability of SMS messages to be delivered to mobile phone while on silent mode or even turned off.  In the instance where the mobile phone is placed on ‘silent’, the SMS will still be delivered instantaneously.

Cutting Through the Clutter

This allows SMS communication to ‘cut through’ in circumstances where consumers are at work and therefore unable to take personal phone calls, or they’re simply too busy to do so.

SMS Marketing Works ‘Dark’

In the case where the mobile phone is actually turned off or out of mobile coverage range, the message will be delivered immediately once the handset is turned back on (or comes back in full coverage with the mobile network).

Compare this to calling a mobile phone that is turned off, where the best achievable result is to leave a voicemail.  Realistically, a voicemail may never even be listened to (only 39% of consumers will listen to every voicemail all the way through) or even more annoying, a game of phone tag develops.

The Confidence of Cut Through

SMS communication allows the sender of the message the confidence to know that the message will be read either immediately (90% of messages read within 10 minutes) or as soon as the phone is turned back on.

With regards to the above, using SMS communication in your Real Estate Practise therefore affords you the cheapest and most time efficient communication that exists.

To discuss you SMS requirements or how to integrate SMS within your business, please contact Justin Cardillo directly on 0468 884 606 or email

Mobile SMS Surveys

September 2, 2016 in SMS by Justin Cardillo

Mobile SMS Surveys Reveal Truths

Justin CardilloUsing IntelliSMS’ cutting edge technology to build mobile SMS surveys, or Customer Satisfaction Surveys can lead to the honest feedback organisations need to succeed.

As Sales Manager at IntelliSMS, and a leading mobile marketing consultant to the real estate industry, providing mobile SMS surveys to deliver customer satisfaction surveys is the newest innovation in our mobile marketing product suite.

Genuine Feedback

The genuine feedback provided from such surveys is invaluable for all real estate practices as they allow your client to provide you with the feedback that might not normally give.

As the surveys are confidential and the results are kept private, they allow for honest and potentially negative feedback to be given without the risk of bad feedback going public.

This type of feedback can be the most valuable as it allows you to address a problem which, if left unattended, could ruin your brand, reputation and even your business.

On the flip side, positive feedback and reinforce what you’re doing well within your business and build business confidence.

Key features of the SMS surveys include:

  • Up to 10 questions allowed per survey
  • Back end reporting for the agents to view survey results
  • Survey results kept private and not made public
  • ‘Finish’ dates on surveys can be soon
  • Surveys can be reused and resend multiple times
  • Further can be delivered via email
  • Surveys can be built in a matter of minutes
  • Up to 12 surveys can be built and maintained at any one time

For further information about using SMS Surveys in your business, contact me – Justin Cardillo – 0468 884 606 or email


Text and You Shall Receive

August 30, 2016 in SMS by Justin Cardillo

SMS RealtorThe New Way to Generate the ‘Holy Grail’ of Real Estate – Inbound Leads

It is the ultimate goal of every real estate sales professional to generate more inbound than outbound leads when prospecting for new business.

After all, an inbound lead beats a cold call or door-knocking a stranger any day!

Virtual SMS Numbers

That is precisely the new reality for those working with SMS Marketing – also known as ‘auto content delivery’. Whatever you wish to call it, SMS Marketing is opening new lead channels all over the country for the growing number of real estate sales professionals using it.

While virtual numbers have been around for some time, their use in the real estate industry has only recently started to gain traction.

Justin Cardillo, the Sales and Marketing Manager at Intelli Messaging – the Australian owned and operated SMS solutions provider that developed a real estate specific version of their SMS marketing system – said partnering with Real Estate Academy has allowed agents to learn the many benefits that this powerful yet very simple to use technology delivers.

No Download Required

There are no apps to download, no QR codes to confuse people, no contracts involved and no cost to the consumer. It’s simply a matter of prospective buyers and sellers texting a keyword or short phrase to a dedicated virtual number to receive free relevant information (such as a buyer booklet or suburb report) to their mobile phone within seconds.

Generating Quality Inbound Leads & Uncovering ‘Invisible’ Buyers

eager-salesman clearThere’s no question that inbound data equals premium data, which can be your next hot lead. For a small monthly fee to rent your dedicated virtual number Intelli Messaging’s SMS marketing opens new lead channels and uncovers ‘invisible’ buyers (those not currently on your database).

Justin said, “Just about everyone has a mobile phone and it’s always with them so it makes sense to connect with them in this way. Research also tells us that almost all SMS messages are read within minutes of being received.”

SMS – the Facts

  • 90 – 95% of all SMS messages are read within the first 10 minutes of them being received.
  • Only 5% of messages sent by email are read.
  • Using SMS for appointment reminders reduces no-shows by up to 15%.
  • Smartphone ownership is Australia is now up to 85%.
  • 77% of consumers access websites on their mobile phones.

Principal of QMT Realty in Brisbane, Qey Early has been using SMS marketing for the past four months. First promoting the virtual number on bus stop signs with a view to attracting homeowners and potential appraisal leads, Qey has since learned that the system has far wider reaching benefits.

She observed, “Sellers and buyers love it because it’s easy and it’s instant. From a seller’s perspective, they love it because the system directs all enquiries to their property and to us as their agent, meaning we now have their details. The system captures people in that early buying stage when you normally don’t get that privilege.”

QEV is now achieving the greatest success by keeping signboards simple, featuring little more than the property address and the SMS marketing prompt.

This allows prospective buyers to receive detailed information about the property of interest (in the form of a digital buyer booklet) any time of the day or night that they happen to be driving by. That’s why we now always put the address on our signboards and keep them deliberately simple,” said Qey.

Lateral Thinking Real Estate Agents

SMS Justin said the feedback he has received from some “lateral-thinking agents” is that they are no longer just using the system as an inbound lead source but also as a pre-listing conversion tool.

This is particularly true for those who have invested in the complete package of SMS marketing together with Real Estate Academy’s multimedia web books feature, enabling them to link the two together.

According to Justin, this “match made in Heaven” has opened the doors for agents to instantly send powerful mobile friendly digital brochures, booklets, guides and presentations creating an instant wow factor reaction.

See Justin’s article in a WebBook format:

REIQ Residential Salesperson of the Year 2015

One such sales professional is REIQ Residential Salesperson of the Year in 2015 and four time finalist, Brett Andreassen from Doug Disher Real Estate.

Brett, who has been using SMS marketing together with web books for more than 6 months, said he uses the system as a powerful listing and conversion tool.

I send the proposal in web book format to prospective vendors via SMS before we meet,” said Brett. “Then in the middle of my presentation, I ask my clients to take out their mobile phones and text ‘Buyer Booklet’ to my virtual number. Instantly they receive the Buyer Booklet, which allows them to see the quality of the marketing that prospective buyers for their home will receive and how they will receive it. Many clients will sign up on the spot once they see that.”

While you don’t need to purchase the full package (including the web books feature) to use SMS marketing, Justin Cardillo said he is finding that about half of all agents so far are, and that percentage is increasing.

Not reserved just for buyers and current prospective vendors, web books sent via SMS marketing are a powerful and unique way to show those you connect with (including past clients) that you are an agent who cares.

For instance, imagine how a past client (who you know is interested in investing in property) would feel if you were to SMS them a stunning digital brochure on how to purchase property with a Self Managed Super Fund while expecting nothing in return?   This is just one of many examples of web books that can be sent via SMS marketing.

So versatile is SMS Marketing combined with web books that Lee Woodward has featured it in his latest book, FRAMEWORKS – Foundations & Systems for Success in Real Estate Sales.

This is an industry first (and potentially a world-first) use of this type of technology within a hard copy book.

To order a copy of Lee’s latest book, text ‘frameworks’ to 0416 906 800.


For further information on SMS marketing,
text ‘virtual’ to 0416 907 770 or call Justin Cardillo on 1300 015 103.

See his web book article here:

Adding SMS Gateway into your Software?

July 19, 2016 in SMS by Peter Humphries

SMS Gateway Technology

Implementing SMS and SMS Gateway technology into software is usually borne out of commercial necessity.


Software app developers considering adding SMS to their softwares’ arsenal are usually in two commercial situations in relation to SMS.

They’re considering implementing SMS because:

  1. Their clients are requesting it, or
  2. They want to gain a competitive advantage and extend the feature set of their own software

But there is a third scenario that sometimes influences software app developers thinking around SMS and connecting to an SMS gateway API…

And that is monetary.

How Does a SMS Gateway Reseller Make Money?

Many app developers are unaware that by implementing an SMS gateway into their software, they can become a reseller of SMS services.

If your software is used by a large number of clients, SMS Gateway Resellers have the potential to make significant revenue by providing SMS services to their clients, and their clients clients.

The way it works is Intelli Messaging charges a SMS Gateway reseller a fixed rate per SMS sent to you, the reseller.

When you, the SMS reseller send messages on behalf of your client – via your software – then the difference you charge your client is profit.

One of the attractions of becoming a reseller is the potential to scale revenue as your clients start sending more messages to more clients.

It is at this stage – as the SMS text numbers begin to rise – you need to know that the SMS Gateway API and underlying technology you are using is robust, scalable and stable.

SMS Gateway Hardware Requirements?

If you are search for SMS Gateway Hardware, have you considered reselling a gateway system that is hosted and fully managed for you?

By becoming a reseller of our SMS services, you do not have to worry about specialist technology as the heavy lifting has already been completed.

Robust SMS Gateway API

By working with a robust SMS gateway API, you are ensuring that the provision of SMS services to your clients won’t ruin your business reputation.

Taking the risk out of using SMS is a high priority for developers who want to avoid inconsistent service and letting down their clients.

To get the complete guide to the 7 pitfalls to avoid when implementing SMS, simply click the link.

Are Commercial SMS Gateway’s the Cheaper Option?

“The Poor Man Always Pays Twice” couldn’t be a truer analogy for an industry reliant on quality, robust and stable SMS gateways and API’s.

It’s commonly acknowledged there are very cheap SMS text providers operating in the Australian market.

The problem with free or very cheap SMS gateways and providers is the issue of routing (eg: data sovereignty/privacy), technical stability and sustainability.

Commercial SMS gateways end up being a cheaper option over the longer term due to reliability and ease of ongoing management.

Intelli Messaging provides a management console that makes billing and managing clients easy.

By avoiding building your own management console, a commercial SMS gateway such as Intelli Messagings’ administrative portal allows software developers to focus on their product, and not building out SMS management administrative capabilities.

This ongoing, sustainable approach to the business of SMS provisions ensures that commercial SMS gateway providers such as Intelli Messaging are cheaper in the long run for software developers.

Risks Implementing SMS Technology into Your Software

If you are a little unsure about the risks of implementing SMS, as mentioned earlier, we have developed a free report and video training series for you.

It’s called the Seven Pitfalls to Avoid Before Implementing SMS. It’s free and takes about three minutes to read.

7 Pitfalls to Avoid before implementing SMS technology

How to Easily Implement An SMS Gateway

The quickest way for software app developers like you to implement a quality SMS service is to download the Intelli Messaging Services – SMS Gateway API.

Free Trial Account

As part of this process, we provide a app developers a free trial account with enough SMS credits for you to test our services and get started risk free.

If you have any questions about adding SMS Gateway technology into your software, then feel free to get in contact with the team at Intelli Messaging Services.

SMS Gateway


Are You Playing SMS Technology Roulette?

June 21, 2016 in SMS by Peter Humphries

Playing SMS Technology Roulette

How to Take the Spin Out of Wholesale Application (Computer) to Phone SMS in the Australian Market

The Australian wholesale application to phone SMS messaging market has become so confusing.  Choosing the right supplier has virtually become a game of chance, with many companies changing suppliers two or three times to get the service they require.

With cost offerings varying from 3.7 cents to 16 cents per message, how can you stack the odds in your favour and get the right service at the right price, the first time?

SMS Routing by Design, not Chance

SMS Messaging wholesalers either route their messages via overseas carriers back to Australia (international routing) or via direct local connection routing with Australia’s 3 major Telecommunications providers.

Some hybridise the two routing options to leverage the best of price, service performance and features.

Most wholesalers use a sliding pricing scale based on monthly volume. For low volume messaging, pricing can still vary from 6 to 16 cents per message.

Local Routing

Local routing is where messages are delivered via a direction connection each Carriers SMSC.

Local routes provide the premium delivery performance but come at premium price.

Service delivery issues include down-time due to routine maintenance on wholesale connection systems and the occasional break-down. Wholesale SMS providers can manage these issues if they have capacity to re-route messaging when necessary.

International Routing

International routing is where Phone to Phone messaging agreements between international carriers are used to send application to phone messages. So a message is via an international carrier back into the Australia carriers.

Wholesalers offer a range of overseas routing options sourced from international SMS consolidators with varying features, performance and costs.

Service performance stretches from “high quality robust” to “cheap and nasty” and (of course) price almost always equates to performance.

Check out this comparison table:

SMS Comparison Table by IntelliSMS

How’s Your Form?

Take no chances.  

Ask any prospective wholesale SMS Provider:

  • How long have you been in this business?
  • Is redundancy built into your system and how?. A messaging gateway can be built in as little as a few man weeks but a high availability system that is scalable takes many man years to build.
  • Where does my data get stored? And what is the risk of it becoming public?
  • Are there any restrictions on message throughput?
  • What routing options do you offer for redundancy and performance management?
  • What percentage of messages to active numbers get delivered?
  • What is the average message delivery time?
  • In the past, how have you offered system support or responded to queries and where is your support team?
  • Is it easy to integrate and what integration support do you provide?
  • What features are offered with the service?

A Final Word

Be cautious about provider claims of high delivery performance. Unless you’re feeling lucky, always test the service out with a decent sample of messages across a broad range of phones on all the local networks.

Take the Risk Out of SMS Integration

We’ve created a free download – Seven Pitfalls to Avoid Before Implementing SMS Technology – you can consume in less than three minutes.

 7 Pitfalls to Avoid before implementing SMS technology

Or just click the link here:

Mobile Property Landing Page

November 26, 2015 in SMS by Justin Cardillo

Enrich your SMS messages by using IntelliSMS’s Mobile Property Landing Page Builder


The last year has highlighted a significant change in the content of ‘B2C’ (business to consumer) messaging in Australia. This change is demonstrated by many businesses now incorporating a clickable link (URL) in the body of their marketing SMS messages.

As a leading mobile communications consultant to the Real Estate Industry, Justin believes that using Intelli’s innovative Mobile Property Landing Page Builder to enhance standard SMS messages is the biggest shift he has seen in the last year. No longer will real estate practice owners have to spend the minimum $0.55c for a premium MMS (picture message) as Intelli’s new tool allows enriched data such as property photo’s, images, graphics etc to be delivered for the cost of a standard SMS.

As Justin explains, “Why just send a standard SMS out to your customer base when you can send a visually enhanced message for the same price? The Real Estate Industry is the one industry that should be taking this type of messaging more seriously, as professional photos and other property images can be easily sent to potential buyers, which may pique their interest in that particular property.” Last year alone over 60% of all ‘B2C’ SMS messages sent in the USA contained a link to an enriched Mobile Landing Page. To receive an example of an enriched Mobile Property Landing Page, simply text your name to 0416 907 186.

Here is link of original article on Real Estate Academy magazine.

Mobile SMS Surveys

November 26, 2015 in SMS by Justin Cardillo

Here is link of original article on Real Estate Academy magazine.



Use Inbound SMS TO Generate “Hot” New Sales Lead …..

November 26, 2015 in SMS by Justin Cardillo

Here is link of original article on Real Estate Academy magazine.